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Hospital Safety Requires Responsive Security Services

The safety and security for staff, patients, and visitors is top priority for healthcare facilities. But these facilities are under constant pressure to also balance patient safety with managing costs and constant visitor traffic, open access in multiple buildings, hectic emergency departments, confidentiality requirements, governmental and accreditation standards and patient satisfaction scores.



The inability to successfully handle these responsibilities can earn a healthcare facility an unsafe reputation. When creating a solutions-driven and evidenced-based safety and security program, you need a security services partner who is responsive with the expertise needed for the unique security challenges in healthcare.

Specialized Service Tailored to Your Healthcare Needs

We’ve earned the trust of healthcare executives and security directors nationwide because we have expertise in providing responsive security services for a wide variety of healthcare facilities, no matter if your site is a single medical office, a large healthcare system, or any size in-between.  Your tailored hospital security service includes:

  • Highly trained hospital security professionals who adapt to your culture and values and are skilled in the special needs of healthcare facilities.

  • Unparalleled customer service combined with proactive, experienced security skills.

  • Creating tailored security programs to meet your overall objectives and mission.



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The Eyes and Ears of Your Neighborhood

We know security professionals often serve as the first and last impression of your community, complex or building. That’s why Active Network Security Services security professionals are trained to go the extra mile with an ambassador-level approach to customer service that aligns with your high-end brand image and promotes privacy and comfort.

When matching security professionals to residential communities, we look for candidates who are:

  • Professional, friendly and enjoy working with the public

  • Attentive to detail so they can carry out the important tasks of their posts and patrols

  • Easy to communicate with so they can deliver a high level of customer service

Luxury Residential Specialists

Active Network Security Services provides specialized security professionals highly trained in the unique needs of residential hi-rises and luxury condominiums. Our School of Residential Security, which includes modules in Fire/Life Safety and First Aid/CPR/AED, equips our security professionals to:

  • Respond to emergencies, such as fires and other threats, promptly and effectively

  • Welcoming residents and visitors in a highly accessible, friendly manner

  • Receiving and managing packages, utilizing necessary software

  • Customized high-end uniforms to reflect your building’s image

  • Checking in residents, managing visitor lists and visitor access


Government Institution

Scope of Work

Active Network Security Services professionals meet the highly specialized training and qualifications of each government contract. Customized and configurable training, credentialing and quality assurance programs support skill and performance verifications in government environments. Active Network Security Services officers will support every aspect of your security program, including:

  • Access Control

  • Alarm Response

  • Armed, Unarmed and Cleared Personnel

  • Badging and Identification

  • Control Centers and CCTV Operations

  • Emergency Response

  • Escort Services

  • Fire Safety

  • Force Protection

  • Hazmat Response

  • Patrol Services

  • Risk Assessment

  • Security Technology Solutions

  • Work Stoppage Details

  • X-ray, Magnetometer and Wand Device Operations

Our Expertise

Active Network Security Services has experience protecting all types of government facilities. Whether it’s a large federal institution or your local library, Active Network Security Services understands your needs. Our experience, led by the expertise of the entire Government Services division, shows our commitment to protection excellence in this exclusive sector.

Further augmenting our expertise is our division, Active Network Security Services Risk Advisory and Consulting Services. Led by an internal team of consultants boasting notable backgrounds in government and international security they represent the industry’s foremost authorities on risk management and provide our government clients additional layer of support to combat emerging threats.

  • Digital forensics

  • Investigations and litigation support

  • Executive and personal protection

  • Workplace violence prevention



Secure Your Learning Environment

Active Network Security Services secures your school and campus with highly-trained security professionals and integrated risk consulting and state-of-the-art technology solutions so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your students, faculty and staff.

  • Friendly security professionals who employ a customer service mindset through incident management and safety patrols including parking enforcement and student escorts

  • Access control solutions to manage visitors and provide lock-out assistance when necessary

  • The only security services provider that invests in a dedicated K-12 and Higher Education support team for thought leadership, solution design and program management


Financial Institution

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Keep Your Facilities, Employees and Financial Assets Safe

With threats to data security evolving all the time, it can be difficult to stay one step ahead of criminals and keep your facility, employees, and financial assets safe and secure. That’s why Active Network Security Services provides unarmed security officers and customized financial security services for different types of facilities like retail branches, data centers, corporate offices, trading floors and lockbox areas.

Financial Institution Training

Our security professionals understand the needs of banking and financial services facilities, allowing them to provide a highly visible security presence (armed or unarmed), as well as recognize sensitive situations and potential threats and respond appropriately.

  • Datacenter and call center protection

  • Workplace violence and external threats

  • Bank robbery procedures

  • Identification of common crimes, such as physical ATM breaches

  • Security’s role in regulation enforcement and compliance support

  • Awareness of industry trends and threats


Manufacturing & Industrial

How Safe Is Your Plant or Factory?

Running a secure industrial plant or manufacturing factory and keeping your employees safe can be a challenge with ever-tightening budgets, a strict regulatory environment and continuously increasing areas of responsibility. At Active Network Security Services, we understand the safety challenges of your industry and provide tailored industrial security services based on your facility needs and specific goals. With our outstanding corporate safety record and industrial security expertise, we have the depth and breadth of capabilities to be your total plant safety partner.

Providing Value with Solutions Designed to Optimize Safety

Our market experts work with each customer to develop a comprehensive and integrated security program that prioritizes employee safety, protect assets and leverages technology solutions designed to optimize your security operations and support business objectives.

Industrial Security Professionals

Our officers are trained not only to recognize safety hazards, but to also respond by taking appropriate action. They can also provide additional value by performing other industrial security services, such as:

  • Fire extinguisher checks

  • Handling visitor reception, sign-ins and badging

  • Credentialing employees

  • Escorting visitors

  • Performing lighting inspections

  • Conducting job safety analyses (JSAs) relevant to their duties

  • Managing emergency and weather-related preparedness planning

  • Supporting loss-prevention, including employee or visitor searches

  • Distributing mail and packages


mall security

Malls are similar to shopping centers in that they are comprised of many stores connected together with major entrance points, but differ in that they are contained within a vast building. Customers enter and exit through major entrances in high-traffic areas. A mall security guard can observe who is entering and leaving these areas and the various stores inside. Security officers have a larger area to observe in malls and shopping centers than in retail stores so a different security plan must be enforced.

Retail security is a must and is critical in order to avoid the massive financial costs of product lost through shrinkage. A visible retail security presence or mall security guard can be effective in deterring thieves. Guards can observe and report suspicious activities, document incidents and call law enforcement as necessary. Active Security has over 13 years of experience providing onsite security, and is ready to assist you with your security needs. Whether you need retail security, shopping, or mall security, we can help you develop an on-site security plan to greatly reduce shrinkage, maximize profits and help protect your property, employees and customers.


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